Graduating Students
Into Voters.

Increasing student voting embeds habits of citizenship that last far beyond the collegiate experience.

Looking for ways to volunteer and be an engaged citizen?
Volunteer to help register voters!

Register to Vote

Not registered to vote? Think you are but want to be sure? Use our tool to ensure you're registered to vote in the 2018 elections.

Promoting Civic Learning & Engagement On Campuses

The TN Civic Campus provides opportunities to communicate, convene, and conduct workshops & panels of local and national experts in student voting, campus organizing, and civic education.

Our Coalition

The TN Civic Campus Coalition will convene administrators, faculty, and students to set clear campus goals and develop strategies for increased student engagement. Together we will reexamine, reaffirm, re-energize, and recommit to the best practices that build civic capacity in our students and foster a culture of civic participation.

Want to help?

  • Join in – let us know if your school would like to participate!
  • Volunteer to join the coalition.
  • Donate to support our efforts.

Our Toolkit

The TN Civic Campus Toolkit will give you civic learning and engagement tools designed to help faculty, staff, and students write strong action plans that provides a framework for developing and documenting  institutional goals and strategies. It is not meant to be prescriptive and should be adapted to your institutional context.

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